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"Great response time. Quick and efficient handling of our project. The professional that came out was experienced, efficient, polite and knowledgeable. The floors look amazing! Wish we had done it sooner."



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JB's Wood Floor Maintenance Inc. is a local, owner-operated business based in Shoreview, MN. With only three employees and over 100 years of combined experience, we have been providing premium wood flooring services for over two decades. Our wide range of services and attention to detail have produced many thousands of satisfied customers, and has earned our company the Angi Super Service Award every year since our founding in 2000. 

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Floor Patching

If your floor is scratched and beat up, but the color is intact, then a Buff n’ Coat is right for you. A Buff n’ Coat consists of using a buffer to lightly abrade your floor to eliminate scratches and ensure adhesion of a new coat of finish. After buffing, we vacuum and thoroughly clean the floor before applying a coat of high-quality, commercial-grade finish. The Buff n’ Coat process will eliminate surface scratches and fill in deeper marks, making them much less noticeable. Most importantly, it will protect your floor from needing to be resanded. On average, wood floors need a recoat every three to five years to keep from wearing through the finish. The process typically takes three to five hours and is completely dustless.

If your floor has small, localized areas of discoloration, then a Spot Repair is right for you. In this process, we isolate and remove the damaged area by sanding it out and blending the color to the surrounding flooring. To achieve the best result, we will typically follow the repair with a recoat of the entire floor. There are several factors that will determine the success of this process, please contact us directly for more details.

If you have deeply stained, cracked, or missing floorboards then Floor Patching is right for you. This process involves the removal and replacement of impacted boards with new boards that are sanded and finished to blend to the surrounding flooring. To achieve the best result we will typically follow the repair with a recoat of the entire floor. There are several factors that will determine the success of this process, please contact us directly for more details.

  • How do I care for my floor?
    There are many products that claim to be good for wood flooring, unfortunately, some of them may leave a residue on your floor that will prevent a Buff n' Coat from adhering properly. At the end of each job we provide our clients with floor cleaner, furniture pads, and lots of information to help you keep your floors looking great for years to come.
  • Should I paint before or after the floors are sanded?
    If you paint before the floors are sanded, you won’t have to worry about getting paint on the floors or scratching them with ladders. However, you may need to wipe down some of the walls with a damp rag to remove dust and touch up marks from the edger on the quarter round.
  • How long will it take?
    Below are time estimates for the type of work being done:
  • Do I need to move my fridge and stove?
    In the vast majority of cases we are able to work up to and around the appliances, so removal isn't necessary.
  • Do I need to remove my toilet and sink?
    In order to properly sand around the toilet it will be necessary to remove it. We can handle removal for you for a small fee. We do not replace toilets, but we can put you in touch with our handyman. In most cases the sink can stay in place.
  • Do doors and trim need to be removed before sanding?
    In the vast majority of cases we are able to work up to and around all existing trim and doors, so removal isn't necessary.
  • How often does a floor need a Buff n' Coat?
    It entirely depends on how the floor is cared for and the amount of wear it takes, but typically it should be done every three to five years to avoid a full re-sanding of the floor.
  • Will I need to move my furniture?
    If we are able to spot repair your floor you might not need to move a thing! However, in most cases, the process will require that some or all of the furniture and any other items in contact with the floor will need to be moved prior to beginning the work. But don't worry, we offer furniture moving as part of our comprehensive services! Furniture can be stored elsewhere in the home, in a garage, or in a rented on-site storage container.
  • Can I stay in my house while the work is being done?
    As long as you can access everything you need in your home without having to walk across the floor during the finishing process there is no problem with you staying in your home. Keep in mind, some polyurethane finishes have a very strong odor and high VOCs. If you decide you want this type of finish, you may want to make alternative living arrangements or go on vacation while the work is being completed.
  • Can my pets be at home?
    With the exception of birds, as long as your pets are contained and do not need to walk across the floor they can remain in the home. Birds are incredibly sensitive to chemicals and should not be exposed to the chemicals contained in flooring finishes. Please keep in mind as well that the process is loud and will be stressful to your animals.
  • Does it smell and use a lot of chemicals?
    It will depend on the products used, but most often we use a highly durable waterbase finish with minimal odor and low VOCs (volatile organic compounds).
  • How much will it cost?
    Pricing varies widely based on site conditions, the type of wood, and the finishing system selected. Give us a call or fill out our pre-bid form by clicking the button below and we can provide you with an approximate estimate of your project cost.
  • Is it messy?
    We use low dust equipment and do what we can to limit the amount of dust by hanging plastic and thoroughly vacuuming when we are done but you should expect to have some additional light clean up.

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